About the Artist

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Andrew Fijalkowski’s work is an impressive combination of solidity and delicacy, where emotions, feelings, and ideals are cast in appropriate media. Fijalkowski sees himself as a narrator of fact, a reflector of the individual. In what has become a faceless society he proposes the figure, as the means of expressing the frustrated emotions, faults and mistakes and alien individual feels in the society in which we live –

I concentrate on a subject which as a society we have suppressed – the individual.

Fijalkowski works alone and his pieces have a peculiarly lonely quality, a pathos that is attractive and effective in conveying his story. His training was a formative experience, not through the conventional “art school” system but a moulding and grooming by Epstein taught S. J. Osbourne for six years. Fijalkowski’s work may be seen as a progression of this tradition, but is marked out by its isolation stance and individuality.

Helen Carey